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Nobody gets to be you, except you. Nobody has your point of view, except you. Nobody gets to bring to the worlds the things taht you get to bring to the world – uniquely get to bring to the world – except you.

So saying there are enough writers out there, enough directors out there, enough people with a point of view – well, yeah, there are – but none of them are you, none of this them is going to make the art that you’re going to make, none of them will change people and change the world in the way that you could change it.

So if you believe somebody who says, ‘No, no, we’ve got enough of those,’ then all it means is you’re giving up your chance to change the world the way only you can change it.

When a young woman cites being told she shouldn’t pursue being an artist because there are too many artists in the world already, Neil Gaiman offers some words of wisdom. Complement with his even wiser advice to young people in the arts.

A fine addition to our ongoing archive of sage, timeless advice

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It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
Jiddu Krishnamurti (via fornicating)


Tibits, an up-scale restaurant with a vegetarian menu, wanted to advertise that it offered take-out meals as well as dine-in options. It developed shopping bags that cleverly fold down to become picnic blankets and then return to bag form après meal. The idea was that customers would purchase take-out items, carry their meals to nearby parks and green spaces, and advertise on the restaurant’s behalf. Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Zurich

Starling, when I told that sheriff we shouldn’t talk in front of a woman, that really burned you, didn’t it? It was just smoke, Starling. I had to get rid of him.

It matters, Mr Crawford. Cops look at you to see how to act. It matters.

Point taken.

Asparagasm - Vegan Feast



“We’ve room for 60 of you gorgeous munchkins at our 5-course fine dining event when our culinary wizards headed up by guest chef Fredrik Bolin*, Head Chef at Disappearing Dining Club, will create a vegan and gluten-free rainbow from somewhere over in the open kitchen.

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I love the word play. 

Yes, please.

Yes, please.


Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

‘Ralph Waldo Emerson’

It wasn’t anthemic to me until hearing it every week for months at the roller rink. The remix version drops out the sweetness and brings in Nikki Minaj with a quick flow that gets you stepping faster. <sigh> Now I’m a fan. </sigh>


A Tetw reading list

Paul Graham, one of the guys behing Y Combinator, has published a great collection of essays on his website. These are a few of our favourites:

Is It Worth Being Wise? - A wise person knows what to do in most situations, while a smart person knows what to do in situations where few others could.

Keep Your Identity Small - A Politics, like religion, is a topic with no threshold of expertise for expressing an opinion. All you need is strong convictions.

Good and Bad Procrastination - The most impressive people I know are all procrastinators.

The Submarine - The PR industry lurks like a huge quiet submarine beneath the news.

The Age of the Essay - What an essay really is, and how you write one. Or at least, how I write one.

Taste for Makers - “A lot of them seem smart,” he said. “What I can’t tell is whether they have any kind of taste.”

What You Can’t Say - There is almost certainly something wrong with you if you don’t think things you don’t dare say out loud.

How to Disagree - If we’re all going to be disagreeing more, we should be careful to do it well.

The Acceleration of Addictiveness - As far as I know there’s no word for something we like too much.

Post-Medium Publishing - Consumers never really were paying for content, and publishers weren’t really selling it either.

Writing, Briefly - As for how to write well, here’s the short version:

Writing and Speaking - Having good ideas is an alarmingly small component of being a good speaker.